Melina Mercouri Month – June 2010 in Pilsen
European Capital of Culture is celebrating 25 years from its foundation

Melina Mercouri (18. 10. 1920 – 6. 3. 1994)
famous Greek actress and singer, Minister of Culture
founder of the European Capital of Culture Project

Pilsen has decided to dedicate the month of June to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the European Capital of Culture Project, and mainly, to its founder, the Greek Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri. European Capitals of Culture rank among the most successful projects in the history of the European Union; their particular contributions are apparent not only in culture, but also in tourism and/or economics. In 1985 Athens became the first European Capital of Culture.

June in Pilsen is full of interesting cultural events, festivals with a European overlap as well as meetings for all those who want to have fun. At the same time, the Pilsen 2015 Team is finishing up the application for the second round of the competition for the European Capital of Culture 2015 title. The Melina Mercouri Month is a small illustration of where Pilsen, in the case that it’s successful, can head in 2015.

Everything that the Melina Mercouri Month offers

Melina Mercouri Day
saturday 12. 6. 2010

The final part of the whole month will be 12 June - Melina Mercouri Day, when citizens of Pilsen will express their attempt to become the European Capital of Culture through a big event in the streets. On this day, other activities, which support the candidature, will take place, mainly the Historical Weekend, the International Folklore Festival, Dance Pilsen, announcing of The Muse 2009 in Theatre Under the Lamp (Divadlo pod lampou) and the premiere of Alfa Theatre’s "NOW 55 31 13 me".

Candidate Tour – a great event in American (Americká) street
Saturday 12 June 2010

Director and theatre artist Vilém Dubnička has addressed the Pilsen culture partakers to come out into the streets. His appeal opens a space for all kinds and genres, a wide perception of culture of various minorities that live in Pilsen.
Vilém Dubnička says, besides:"It should be a playful demonstration of what people cannot even imagine. We will stop the traffic in streets and will come out with the most interesting, most courageous and best that we can present from our work."
The event will take place in American (Americká) street from Wilson bridge towards Sirková street, including both adjoining streets and the open space at U Ježíška.
Those who are interested in participating in this event are currently registering at

Dance Pilsen 2010

The Festival DANCE PRAGUE 2010 is visiting Pilsen during 12 – 23 June 2010 within the framework of cooperation on the Pilsen 2015 Project. It is one of the extraordinary projects of the Melina Mercouri Month. This year´s festival offer, with a remarkable European dimension, is going to uncover what we can expect from Pilsen up to 2015 and beyond.

The renowned international festival Dance Prague, which shows present dance art in a European context, is coming to Pilsen for the second time. In the middle of June it will offer a rich cocktail of various styles and in its 22nd year it is bringing to Pilsen artists from England, Poland, Spain and Cuba.
The main star of this festival of contemporary dance and movement theatre is the British dancer and choreographer Nigel Charnock, who is considered to be the top in his field; and he remarkably influenced the development of contemporary world dance as a co-founder of the dance compilation DV8 Physical Theatre. Moreover, he is well-known for being keen on cooperating with other dance groups, so that you are going to see dancers from Poland and the Czech group NANOHACH under his direction.
Two composed dance evenings at the Southern Suburb (Jižní předměstí) in Open communication space MOVING STATION are going to offer insight into contemporary dance cuisine.
Another interesting thing about Dance Pilsen 2010, which is prepared in cooperation with the Johan centre and the Pilsen 2015 candidature team, are two workshops with foreign choreographers, where you can get straight into the secrets of the creation of performing dance groups.

It is not a coincidence that the festival organizers have chosen the provocative piece Happy by Nigel Charnok for the launch of the festival. The whole performance radiates a huge volume of energy and colourfulness from the beginning to the end. This story of love, desire, sex, agony and dependence will be presented on 12 June at 7 p.m. in a circus tent at U Ježíška by the Poles from the Stary browar (i.e. Old Brewery) from Poznań, candidating for the ECC title in 2016. Stary browar have already indicated their interest to participate in the Pilsen candidature discussion on the "To beer or not to beer?!" topic.
The artists are going to dance and sing under the baton of the performed piece´s author himself.

Pilsen Speakers Corner - Don´t keep it to yourself or Open up your mouth in Pilsen!

The alternative to the well-known Speakers corner in London Hyde park is going to move to Pilsen just before summer. And as this event´s title Don´t keep it to yourself or Open up your mouth in Pilsen! announces itself, it will give space to all people who want to say aloud what they think. This open air activity is going to take place during the whole candidate summer.
First time on 12 June within the "Candidate Tour" on American (Americká) street! Everyone who comes will have a chance to discuss and say aloud what they think! – further information is available to download.

Candidate Summer Pilsen 2015 is starting in June
Students Culture Month

From the second week of June, cultural productions will take place at the English Embankment (Anglické Nábřeží) below the Commercial Bank. They are going to be performed by Pilsner citizens themselves. The Pilsen 2015 Team announced a public invitation for organizing cultural productions at the beginning of May, and starting in June the first of them will be carried out. June is dedicated to the students´ culture in the direction of the candidature "Relationships & City". Students of Masaryk Grammar School and pupils of 15th Elementary school in Pilsen have taken charge of the June productions. They have prepared an interesting programme full of music of various genres, authorial reading, workshops, exhibitions and theatre.

The programme is HERE

Pilgrimage to Planets

The project, which Techmania carried out already during 2007, 2008 and 2009, consists of placing the interactive models of planets in streets of Pilsen, so that the distances and sizes of individual models are constructed in the scale 1: 1 000 000 000, which means, that 1 metre represents 1 billion kilometres. Furthermore, at each disc there is a three-dimensional model representing the particular planet. The Techmania workers have decided to bring out the "Pilgrimage to Planets 2010" in its 4th year and make it even more attractive for the public. They are going to enrich it by a gathering of Indians and Victorians from Pilsen sports clubs and on top of that, the popular Harley Davidson motorcycles will be participating, too. The Pilgrimage to Planets is starting on Thursday, 10 June 2010 at 1 p.m. at the West Bohemia Museum, where the model of the Sun is.

Film Night of Masaryk Grammar School
21 June, Theatre Under the Lamp (Divadlo pod lampou), 7 p.m.

Projection of films made by students of Masaryk Grammar School in Pilsen. Animated, performed and documentary films.


8th year of the young culture festival CIGISTOCK 2010 is taking place on 28 and 29 June 2010, again at several places in the centre of Pilsen. The first day is dedicated to music in the courtyard of the Church Grammar School, the next day is going to take place within the building of the Southern Railway Station (Jižní nádraží) - Moving Station (Hemžící se zastávka) and is going to be a full parade of film, theatre, slam, songs and authorial reading of young artists.

Pekárna nápadů
13. – 15. 6.

Another fundamental project of the Pilsen city candidature is the Bakery of Ideas.
The three-day workshop in the middle of June is the culmination of more than a month-long Pilsen project "Bakery of Ideas", which has emerged in the cooperation of the candidature team and British Council. The whole project, including the workshop, is topically focused on public areas in the city. Its goal is to involve both the general and professional public and solve problems concerning public areas from various angles. The attempt is to reflect both possible light and dark sides of public areas and to search for possible options how to revitalize them and also use them for art events and artefacts. The selected public areas for this topic are the Main Railway Station, Central Bus station and the intersection at Rokycanská street. Pilsen is the third city where this interesting project has taken place. The Bakery of Ideas offers collaboration with internationally acknowledged specialists from the city development area, representatives of public administration, universities, private enterprise sector etc.

A participation in the June workshop means the automatic involvement in the international network of "bakers", which was created by the British Council. This network consists of more than 5 000 specialists and young innovators who are connected together through the participation in the "Urban Ideas Bakery" Project by the British Council organization.

Pilsen to Itself!

An announcement of the film contest Pilsen to Itself! will take place the first week in June. The contest has been created in cooperation with Pilsen television and the Pilsen candidature team.
The contest is meant for all those interested in making video-movies and supports active participation of Pilsen citizens into the candidature for the ECC 2015.
The goal is to address a broader group of video-amateurs who make so-called home videos, entertain their friends with them, upload them on YouTube and/or are already more deeply interested in media. A professional elaboration is not the priority in this contest. To be authentic, open and inspirational is what counts.
The deadline for submitting movies is 31 July. A jury will judge enrolled movies in the middle of August.
The closing "gala-evening" (public projection of 10 selected movies and awarding prizes) is going to happen on 7 September. The European Commission will hold a meeting this week and decide whether Pilsen will be the title bearer of ECC for 2015.

1.Rules for the Pilsen to Itself! contest

  1. PILSEN TO ITSELF! is not a contest of performed films
  2. Any category is allowed (documentary, journalism, animated or their mix).
  3. A real presentation of facts is not conditional. Contrariwise – authors can work with factors of irony, parody, mystification etc.
  4. All applicants without age limitation can take part in the contest.
  5. Film can be made by an individual or a team.
  6. A properly filled-in registration form is a condition. (go to
  7. Awarded films along with other inspirational ones will be put onto the Pilsen television websites.

Interesting fact:

During the successful races "Dragon Boats on the Radbuza", this socio-sporty event joined to support the candidature of Pilsen for the European Capital of Culture 2015. The Pilsen Dragons crew then decided to also join the promotion of ECC throughout the whole series of dragon boats Grand Prix, in which they will participate under the "Pilsen 2015" name.

Indonesian film festival

Already 4th year of the Indonesian Film Festival will take place in the City Library on Mariánské Square in Prague between 8 to 10 June 2010. This year, Czech audiences will be introduced to the work of Indonesian directors Nia Dinata and Nan T Achnas, whose films have been awarded many prizes at international film festivals. A patron of the festival for this year is the director Věra Chytilová, an eminent person in Czech cinematography.

We all are the same, and yet so different

One-day all-school activity of 21st elementary school was aimed at gathering school pupils with their handicapped peers, and at their gathering with children of other nationalities. The event has been organized to support the candidature in the "Transit and Minorities" idea spirit.

Smith´s Symposium, ZOO

3rd year of Smith´s Symposium, which took place in the middle of May, was dedicated by its organizers to support their city on its journey towards the European Capital of Culture 2015 title. And they added a really beautiful gift.

Within the 5-day workshop they forged a sculpture of the candidature logo. The debut and ceremonial handover of the logo to Marcela Krejsová, 1st Vice-Lord Mayor of Pilsen, and Milan Svoboda, the Pilsen 2015 Project Director, took place during the conclusion of the symposium.


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